Sanctuary’s War

Sanctuary’s War

Book 3 in the Darkspace Saga

About the Book

A vicious new breed of Vehn and the shocking appearance of a Kazhadi fleet presage a strange and treacherous future for the Protectorate of Sanctuary.

As Conrad Redeker struggles to control his newfound powers, he comes to a terrifying realization: his ability to navigate portals is causing him to phase in and out of reality. To gain control of his abilities and to investigate the astonishing legacy of his father, he must return to Imperial space before he fades into darkspace.

Meanwhile, a new mission awaits Captain Tarillion: he must rebuild the Protectorate Corps into a military force strong enough to defend Sanctuary against the Empire itself. As Tarillion fights for Sanctuary’s future, he’s drawn into a mystery that could shake the very foundations of human existence in the galaxy.

Series: Darkspace Saga, Book 3
eBook Price: 3.99
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