Sanctuary’s Gambit

Sanctuary’s Gambit

A deadly return to Darkspace and the Satori Empire...

Book 2 in the Darkspace Saga.

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Despite the threat of invasion, the Sanctuary High Council refuses to confront the deadly threat of the Satori Empire head-on. Instead, they secretly turn to the only man who’s faced the Satori and survived: Conrad Redeker.

Now captain of the Steadfast, a small Protectorate ship, Conrad Redeker must return to hostile space. His covert mission: find allies for Sanctuary’s inevitable clash with the Empire.

Upon returning to Imperial space, a surprise attack on a frontier world lands Conrad in the clutches of Fleet Admiral Karsath. As the crew of the Steadfast race to rescue their captain, Karsath executes his ambitious plans for Conrad’s future—a future that means complete and utter transformation of Sanctuary’s only hero.

Series: Darkspace Saga, Book 2
ASIN: B073M7Z553
eBook Price: 3.99
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