Rogue One is still #1

I was holding my breath when the Last Jedi came out. The Force Awakens was a bit like a bender in college: feels good at the time, regrets later. But I loved Looper and had expected Rian Johnson to do a passable job, a better one than Abrams for sure.

Not going deep here, but:

  1. Rose Tico was a good character, even if she was transparently Disney’s tool to crack into the Chinese market
  2. Salt planet was rad
  3. Destruction of the Supremacy and other First Order ships–>SUPER RAD
  4. del Toro criminally underused
  5. My biggest beef: Luke Skywalker would not have tried to stab his nephew in his sleep. But Mark Hamill did a great job with the role.

As far as I’m concerned, these new sequels are just Star Wars fan fiction. Only episodes 4-6 qualify as true Star Wars. We’re not going to talk about the prequels at all, that’s verboten on this blog.

Rogue One, though: it still feels true to the original spirit of Star Wars for me. Simple storyline, strong characters, nasty villains, and explosive finale.  Sad thing is, there’s not going to be a Rogue One sequel.

I do have high hopes for the Han Solo movie. But higher hopes for a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek movie.

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