Writing Magna Carta

Where’ve I been? Basically, neck-deep in Sanctuary’s War. Well, maybe we’re up to the nostrils today. The point is, it’s getting done and it is GLORIOUS fun. I can’t wait to share it with y’all (look for an excerpt with the next newsletter!).

Hammering out book 3 has forced me to reflect on what is important to me in my writing. It’s basically what I like reading. So here you have it–my writing magna carta:

  1. Character is everything. They can be caricatures, but they’ve got to have a twist. A character that has interesting contours will drive everything in the story.
  2. Plot twists: no such thing as too many.
  3. Characters must be dynamic regardless of gender, species, etc. I especially hate female characters whose central purpose is to be pretty (I mean, pretty gals are fine in a story, but they’ve got to have more raison d’etre than just damseling-in-distress).
  4. The ending must satisfy. I absolutely hate ambiguous endings, where it’s *all up to the reader to decide what it means.* That’s mainly the author being lazy and pretentious. It’s like ordering a bowl of curry and being handed the spices and being told that *the eater gets to decide what it tastes like.*
  5. Trust the reader. Know that he or she is going to be smart enough to follow some pretty wild plot threads. This is particularly true of sci-fi readers; they’re smarter than the average bear.

Back to Sanctuary’s War, and more exciting news about 2018’s books to come! Did I mention that I’m slated to publish 5 books next year? Yep.


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