First words from Sanctuary’s War [spoilers]

I’m back to writing book 3. The plans for a prequel have been temporarily shelved; I’ve got plans for a new Darkspace trilogy coming in June 2018. That means you’ll see book 3 sooner rather than later.  Here’s a (spoilery) excerpt from the work-in-progress.

“You have a very unique way of getting my attention,” said a man’s voice.


Jira licked her dry lips. It’d taken her three visits to the medical center before they’d finally brought her here. “Who said I was trying to get your attention?” she said. She noticed that her voice was hoarse, like she hadn’t used it in a long time.


She was still restrained in a chair, her wrists resting on armrests. She leaned forward as far as she could, her disheveled hair in her eyes. She knew she looked feral, and she was glad for it. It was nothing less than the truth.

A bigger, longer excerpt will be coming in this month’s newsletter. Also, only two more months until the release of the Expanding Universe short story anthology, which features an annexation story from yours truly. Stay tuned!

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